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KB Music Services

Bob and Kris can provide a variety of entertainment and music related services, including

  • Solo or duet guitar, piano, and vocals
  • Casual or formal settings, parties, weddings, anniversaries, memorials
  • Variety instruments include banjo, ukulele, mandolin, organ, recorder/flute 
  • Personalized original birthday (or event) song to oldies pop tunes 


Bob's Home Studio services include

Private instruction in electric and acoustic guitar

Variety of genres including Rock, Pop, Folk, and more

Guitar inspection, repairs and setup

Studio Recording Services

Teaching, Writing and Research

  • Calif.-NCLB Qualified Elementary Bilingual Teacher with CLAD, Spanish-English fluent biliteracy, NTE, and Supplementary Authorization to teach single subject Music;  Idaho Multi Subject Credential, K-8
  • Private music instruction, including Piano, Folk Guitar, and Vocal Instruction
  • Genealogy Research: Harper and Bush related genealogies as well as other family clients
  • Writing and composition, including Award-winning poem "Bilingue", the Children's Musical "Little Witch" based on the book by Anna Elizabeth Bennett, and  the recently published "Gramps'Tales"
  • Photography; Photo display, organization and storage, incl digital & website development


Bob's guitar magic in Monterey