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Gramps' TalesA Biography of E. Stanley Martin
Collected letters, short stories, poems and family anecdotes and memories
by Granddaughter Kris Harper Bush


His heroes were poets, humorists, adventurers, naturalists — Frank “Bring ‘em Back Alive” Buck, Mark Twain, Leonard Clark (The Rivers Ran East), and his own dad, the loving and versatile Frank James Martin.  His forefathers were farmers and his family members were noted cutting edge Hoosier photographers. He respectfully and competently served the government of this great country in war and in peace, and his dream was to be a published author. Through the gift of his stories and with the lifelong support of my family, I put my hand in his as we live that dream together. Join me for a walk with Gramps from the dawn of the twentieth century.
— Kris Harper Bush

A native Californian, Kris Harper Bush studied music and liberal arts at Mills College in Oakland, California. With a passion for good old-fashioned “snail mail”, she keeps up extensive correspondences as well as writing biographical histories into the many genealogies she researches. Her award winning poem “Bilingual/Bilingue” was published in  The Multilingual Educator, the publication of the California Association of Bilingual Educators, in 1999. Kris currently resides in Idaho with her husband, musician and high school sweetheart Robert Bush.